Interdisciplinary Closing Event

Featuring Live Music by The Steve GutenBAND and The Breakfast Project

January 30, 2016 7-10 PM

Come to the closing event for "Interdisciplinary" art exhibition with two live bands, The Steve GutenBAND starting at 7PM and The Breakfast Project starting at 8:30 PM. Winners of the juried show will be announced and refreshments will be on the house. Suggested donation $10.

About The Steve GutenBAND:

A delightful potpourri of phunky phresh jams, psychedelic adventure grooves, and classically influenced fanfares. Band members: Eric Blackman - vocals, trumpets, guitars, keyboards, tambourine; Ellert Michael Ellertsson - drums, percussion, singing saw; Brian Vatcher - guitars, vocals, keyboards, tambourine and Chris Wood/BassBot3000 - bass guitar, percussion, vocals

About The Breakfast Project:

The Breakfast Project is an indie musical collaboration that writes under the influence of rocky soul and bluesy pop. Kaedon Gray- Lead Vox; Joe Mancini - Guitar and Vox; John Jarvis - Drums; Darrell Lambert- Keys and Vox and Ben Henry-Moreland - Bass and Vox