Fiber Art


Lauren is an artist and art therapist living in Somerville, MA where she sees clients in private practice and teaches undergraduate and graduate art therapy courses at Lesley University. She is also a doctoral candidate at Mount Mary University, where her research explores how fiber arts and craft activism can inform community-based art therapy.

Lauren has been a member of Washington Street Studios since 2008. She uses her space for working in fiber arts, encaustic painting, and drawing and for meeting with clients of her art therapy private practice. Lauren also hosts the Fiber Hive, a community art studio dedicated to engaging people of diverse backgrounds in fiber arts projects, craftivism, skill sharing, and community building. The Fiber Hive is based on the Art Hive model, an international network of small community-art making spaces that promote arts-based social inclusion and meets in the gallery at Washington Street. Visit the Fiber Hive Facebook page AND/OR the Art Hive site for more info.


In my personal art I explore themes of connection and communication through fiber art, drawing, and encaustic painting. Working in different mediums allows me to find new ways of exploring similar themes and each medium has unique properties that serve to deepen these themes for me through the process of making the pieces. For example, I often choose to work in embroidery because it is a deliberate and meditative practice that allows me time to reflect and process difficult emotions. In my community-based art making I like to employ fiber arts practices such as embroidery and quilting because of their long history as activities that bring individuals together to share stories, address community issues, and even serve as a form for social and political resistance against oppression.