Visionary artist working with the metaphysical and all things cosmic


Spira is an artist, musician, and yogi living in Cambridge, MA. She has been teaching art in public schools for more than 15 years and holds a MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching art) as well as a RYT500 certification in Yoga and Meditation instruction. Her work, mostly paint and mixed media, is a direct reflection of her life and experiences as a spiritual being navigating the multiverse and she uses art as a tool for growth, healing, and transformation.

She also teaches yoga classes locally and offers yoga therapy as well as energy healing and holistic health coaching for clients in private. Her mission is to assist others in maintaining a happy and balanced life through holistic practices, creativity, and expression. She also loves to travel and is crazy about dogs, especially rescued greyhounds


My work mainly reflects the unseen portions of my personal and spiritual experiences. I try to convey what energy looks like to me, what transformation feels like, expressing visions gifted to me by plant medicines, metaphysical imagery and symbols, sacred geometry, and so much more.

I mostly paint with oil and acrylic, but I also used other media like watercolor, sharpies, chalk and oil pastels, crushed lava rock, glass beads, white out pens, etc… I enjoy adding textures to my paintings to satisfy my tactile nature.