Music at Washington Street

Nathan McLaughlin & Seth Chrisman /// Dave Gross /// Max Lord & Andrew Neumann

EVENT: October 6, 2015 from 8 PM

A new duo from Seth Chrisman and Nathan McLaughlin. Seth Chrisman is a musician and multimedia artist based in the Hudson Valley, New York. His work explores texture, repetition, and scale, while being heavily rooted in concepts of place. Experimental techniques, field recordings, found sounds, and radio static are woven together to create undulating and centrifugal sonic environments. Hudson resident Nathan McLaughlin explores the reel to reel not just a source of effect and texture, but as it’s own instrument. Focusing on the sounds of the banjo as a companion to the reel to reel, studies are carried out in the philosophical spirit of Bill Dixon and his idea of going to the center. His debut LP was released by Senufo Editions with other releases available via Desire Path Recordings, Soft Abuse, Digitalis, and more.

Dave Gross
for two decades david gross has been transforming the saxophone into exactly what it is: a metal tube with keys, mouthpiece, and a reed. reviews of his recordings have been as varied as "the range of textured noise that he cajoles from his instrument is impressive," "lengthy episodes of fingernails ripping at a blackboard" and "the intimacy with which he approaches the saxophone, each screw in each latch, every fiber in the reed, every pad or valve, and all the negative space in between, is simply astounding.” having grown frustrated with the “meaning” and “possibilities” of “music” within the last 5 years, mr. gross is beginning to form a different relationship to “performance” which includes influences of institutional critique, lacanian psychoanalysis and identity politics. get ready, ppl.

Max Lord & Andrew Neumann Andrew Neumann and Max Lord will perform a duo improvisation for Buchla synthesizer and laptop sample.

Andrew Neumann is an artist who works in a variety of media, including sculpture, film and video installation, and electronic/interactive music. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004. He has recently had one-person shows at bitforms Gallery in Seoul, Korea, the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, bitforms Gallery, NYC, and Center For Photography at Woorstock, as well as numerous shows for the Boston Cyberarts Festival. His original artistic output consisted of single channel videos and films. He then moved on to integrate a variety of electronic and digital technologies into his 3D and sculptural work. In addition to this, he has been building electronic musical interfaces, and is very active in electro-acoustic improvisation. His music is available on Sublingual Records. His single channel videos have been shown on PBS, The Worldwide Video Festival, Artist Space, and elsewhere. He has had solo music/video performances at Experimental Intermedia, Roulette, Issue Project Room in New York. During 2001 he was an Artist in Residence at the iEAR Studio at Rensalear Polytech Institute and at the Visual Studies Workshop. He has also had residencies at The Experimental Television Center, MacDowell Colony, YADDO, Ucross Foundation, Steim , Atlantic Center for the Arts, Art/OMI , and iPARK.

Max Lord is a Boston-based improvisor who has worked in a variety of rock, noise, electronic and improv settings. Though originally identifying as a percussionist, since 2000 he has performed with Buchla electronic instruments. His recorded work as Ghost Grass recalls mid-century electronic experimentation as often as more modern improvised approaches and is intimately tied to the magnetic medium on which it is created. As a collaborator and organizer, he is closely associated with the experimental movement community.