Edge States

Inner Landscapes Outside

May 16, 2014 from 7-10 PM

May 16, 2014 to May 31, 2014 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

Edge StatesInner Landscapes Outside is an exhibition of watercolor paintings and artist’s

books by Amy Fleischer, presented alongside poems by Anna MWarrock

Drawn to travel in far-away placesFleischer has explored remote regions of the United

States, India, Norway, and Scotlandmany of which are depicted in her paintings and artist’s

books. Through the lens of these striking landscapesFleischer examines enduring aspects of

the human condition. Likening horizons to cell membranes, she calls on the rich variety of

edges in each place as a source of metaphor for the complexly shifting borderlands of

interpersonal relationships. Contrasting the diffuse edges of misty mountains with more

structurally defined rooftops, Fleischer’s landscapes draw on the material qualities of each

place to depict what is shared between people.

Warrock’s poems also feature a geographical sensibility in part by exploring the pathos and

radical reorientation that accompanies loss. She holds that “grief is a continent the grieving

must travel through” and also uses horizons as a gateway in moving toward inner landscapes.

Amy Fleischer is a multidisciplinary artist who studied drawing, painting, and printmaking at

Sarah Lawrence College in New York. After growing up landlocked in Nashville, she lived for

several years in Seattle, where she worked as a cook on a sailboat and taught people how to

make books when she was on land. While pursuing a graduate degree in occupational therapy,

she was awarded a LCC Fellowship Grant from the Somerville Arts Council.

Anna MWarrock’s poems have been set to music and also permanently installed in a Boston area

subway station. Publications include the chapbooks Horizon and Smoke and Stone, and

the anthology Kiss Me Goodnight, Poems and Stories by Women Who Were Girls When Their

Mothers Died, a Minnesota Book Award finalist, as well as poems in numerous journals. She

has been awarded both Somerville Arts Council Literature Fellowships and Project Grants.

Lis Weiss is a poet who teaches writing and literature at Salem State University and has a MFA

from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. She has taught poetry in preschools, prisons, and nursing

homes, as well as to people with intellectual disabilities. Her award-winning poems have

appeared in multiple journals. She recently ran a writing workshop on material culture and

thing theory and plans to run another on writing the sea, exploring the ocean as metaphor.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the

Somerville Arts Council, a local agency supported by the

Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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