Music at Washington St

G.S. Sultan & WaxyTomb

EVENT: January 31, 2016 from 7:30 PM

Suggested Donation $7

Contact Sam Wolk at wolk[dot]sam[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions.

G.S. Sultan ( is digital modern avant-garde Max/MSP pointillism - music that feels sculptural or tangible, music you could reach out and touch, like tiny cold and smooth metallic balls hovering in a large white room with patches of colored shag carpet pasted on the ground and walls... In his G.S. Sultan project, Brooklyn-based visual artist and composer Roy Werner (co-curator of the American Medium Sound Series) explores cultural connotations of sample-based sound as he manipulates popular music through grain deconstruction and composes dynamically elastic pieces. His sonic work attempts to force spanning source material into connotative and contextual equivalence while exploring new trends in sound structure and organization. Following a similar conceptual arc, Werner’s visual work employs the same software to process and manipulate video samples for multimedia live performance suggesting two sides of the same algorithmically rendered coin. In 2014, he released records on Umor Rex and Nada. He has additionally released music with Brad Grammar & Textural. His latest work, ad.sculpt tutorial, is out now on Orange Milk Records.

WaxyTomb ((Xyai T)) ( is the pet name of the original disequilibrium chamber, for temporal column production, which is used for the cooling process after transformational self-columns have been thoroughly collapsed and dis-localized by ocular-temporal shifts in phase space. This is necessary for the identification of the sutures and seam-lines between modified supra-objects. These sutures are exemplified in their local state as space between skin and skeleton, building and infrastructure. But they can also be localized by temporal states: layered embalming allows a shifted object to also contain its own system formation manipulation. To make the sutures re-identifiable and enclose them in a material, they must be dislocated from their state or process between. Their re-enclosure involves a repeated re-enactment of their original surface tension patterns and finally nodal-substrate recollection. This results in a diffusely situated self-embedded temporal column... See for deeper results...

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