Structures: Glass

Sound installation and Drawings by Morgan Evans-Weiler

June 4, 2016 from 8-11 PM

June 4, 2016 to June 25, 2016 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

"Structures: Glass," the June 2016 show at the Washington Street gallery, presents a sound installation and drawings by the local sound artist and composer, Morgan Evans-Weiler. The opening is June 4, 8-11 pm, at 321 Washington St., Somerville.

The sound installation features resonating panes of glass, with drawings inspired by the various resonant characteristics of each piece of glass. There will be performances throughout the month with various instruments placed alongside the installation, creating relational juxtopositions of pitch, noise, time and space.

Performance dates begin at the opening, June 4, with Morgan Evans-Weiler on violin and Vic Rawlings on electronics. On June 18, 2-4 pm, is a performance of "Structures," a composition for strings and the installation, featuring Laura Cetilia on cello and David Michael Curry on viola.

The gallery is open Saturdays, 12-4 pm, from June 4 to 28. For more information, please contact the artist at

Morgan Evans-Weiler is a Boston based sound artist, composer, performer, curator and educator whose work includes ensemble and solo compositions, improvisations, sound installations, drawings, concert curation, production and ensemble direction. Exploring the realms of contingency and environment, Evans-Weiler's works examine the process of change and the inherent creativity that exists as a precondition of our physical and temporal experience. He uses objects, psychoacoustic phenomena, stasis, stillness and our sense of place as compositional material to explore our environmental experience of space and time.

Evans-Weiler maintains a busy performance schedule and has performed throughout the United States. As an ensemble director, he has worked closely with composers Seth Cluett, Sarah Hennies and Mike Bullock and has presented and performed works by John Cage, Anders Dahl, Magnus Granberg, and Jurg Frey. As an improviser, he has shared the stage with Dave Gross, Bhob Rainey, Dafne Vincent-Sandoval and Andrew Eisenberg among many others. His recent album Violin/Sine was called  transfixing: by writer Steve Smith and included in the Boston Globe's list of Best Local Classical Albums of 2015.


June 4, 2016- 8-11pm  Opening reception and concert featuring Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin) and Vic Rawlings (electronics), at Washington St. gallery, 321 Washington St., Somerville.

June 18, 2016 - 2-4pm  Durational performance of "Structures" a composition for strings and glass panel installation. Featuring Laura Cetilia (cello) and David Michael Curry (viola), at Washington St. gallery, 321 Washington St., Somerville

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