Music at Washington St

John Cage's Seven2 and Variations III

EVENT: June 25, 2016 from 8 PM

Steve Norton has assembled an ensemble to perform John Cage’s “Seven2,” one of Cage’s late Numbers pieces scored for bass flute, bass clarinet, bass trombone, unspecified percussion, cello and contrabass. In the scores for the number pieces, Cage used time bracketed short fragments to create parts which emerge in and out of silence and the overall tapestry of the ensemble. The ensemble will include Deirdre Viau (bass flute), Tom Plsek (trombone), Val Thompson ('cello), Jane Wang (contrabass), Daniel Levin & Kevin Dacey (percussion) and Steve Norton (bass clarinet).

Also on the bill will be a performance of Cage’s “Variations III” dedicated to Lou Cohen who arranged performances of Cage’s Variations pieces for a number of years. The score consists 42 transparencies with a circle on each, dropped on a sheet of paper. The result derives the number of actions and the number of variables that characterize an action. While some factors should be planned in advance, the performers should "leave room for unforeseen eventualities"; and that "any other activities are going on at the same time" as the work is performed. The ensemble will include Michael Rosenstein, Howard Marin, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Jesse Kenas-Collins, Chris Johnson, Steve Norton, Walter Wright, Joe Burgio, Seamus Williams, Deirdre Viau, Tom Plsek, Jane Wang, and Lou Bunk.

$5 suggested donation.

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