Bound Together

A new body of work by Athena Moore

March 8, 2014 from 7-10 PM

March 8, 2014 to March 29, 2014 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

Books serve to expose us to stories, to teach us, and to develop our sense of the world. In her first solo exhibit, Athena aims to use the physical form of the book to give context to her own story. Through books and paper objects, she demonstrates the interconnectedness of the people in her life. Dealing in large part with the personal losses she has experienced over the past few years, the work expresses the significance of both the families we are born to and the ones we choose to form. Athena has been binding books for nearly a decade. She is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School and a resident artist at Washington Street. Beyond exhibitions here, her work has been shown at Old Corner Bookstore, Bromfield Gallery and Boston Architectural College. Join us on March 8th from 7-10 pm for the exhibition opening. Show on view during Saturdays in March from 12 pm - 4 pm or by appointment. Music to be provided by the COOL KIDS CLUB.

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