Shift ⌘ 4

November 4, 2016 from 4-8 PM

November 4, 2016 to November 19, 2016 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

Shift âŒ˜ 4 brings together the video, sound and still image works of Chicago and Boston based artists Billy SimsMaia Dolphin-KruteMichael Rosenstein and Jesse Kenas Collins. The opening reception on Friday, November 4 from 4 pm to 8 pm will be followed by a concert at 8 pmfeaturing Andy Young (Los Angeles), Erika Bell (Los Angeles) and Luke Martin (Boston).  
The works on view use the restructuring and manipulation of found material as a means to address issues of time, perception and information. The show is anchored by Billy Sims videos Google RhapsodyandBuildingToBirdsLCD10kfps.cin. In Google Rhapsody, a single, happenstance image of Chicago architecture serves as the onset for a potentially continuous chain of imagery. The single image queues a search, providing Google with content that can then be evaluated for relevant subject and pattern to anticipate a user's needs. After including 30 images from each search, the 30th image is then fed back into the search queue, allowing the process to continue indefinitely. BuildingToBirdsLCDkfps.cine was produced by recording the first 2.6 seconds of Google Rhapsody on an LCD screen at 10,000 frames per second. The video confronts the inability of digital pixels to reset in an ideal state.
Michael Rosenstein’s four channel audio installation of recent field recordings from in and around Boston serves both as a sound track to Sims’ silent video works as well as a means of creating a sonic window out of the gallery. Maia Dolphin-Krute’s video work and Jesse Collins photo prints parallel the former pieces with still images presented in relationship to the gallery’s architecture. Dolphin-Krute’s video Waterhumorously pairs a still shot of Thomas Kinkade’s waterfall painting The Power and The Majesty with audio of water being poured from one glass to another. Collins’ triptych from his series Block Outs presents images from found 35mm slide images, which he has partially obscured, projected, rephotographed and printed to fit in the gallery windows. The work of all four artists sits on the edge of being spare and still while sourcing from and evoking the rapidity and density of information and perception.
Shift âŒ˜ will be on view through November 19. In addition to the opening reception on Friday November 4 from 4- 8 pm the gallery is open Saturday November 5, 12 and 19 from 12 pm to 4 pm and by appointment (contact