Plain Sight

A Collection of Photographs by Amy Dexter

September 6, 2014 from 6-9 PM

September 6, 2014 to September 27, 2014 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

In her show Plain Sight, photographer Amy Dexter explores the subject matter she encounters in her daily life. Plain Sight describes a type of "seeing" that requires one to remain attentive and open to the possibility of discovering extraordinary visual phenomena within familiar environments. Shot over the course of a year, the collection of photographs emerges from a broad range of seemingly mundane activities such as taking a shower, emptying a bag of liquid into a sink, climbing a set of stairs, lying in bed, and reading an advertisement. The photographer attempts to capture the moments in which her world appears to flicker between intimacy and generality, familiarity and discovery, corporeality and transcendence.

Plain Sight is open to the public every Saturday in September from 12-4 PM at the Washington Street gallery, 321 Washington Street in Somerville, MA. The opening reception is Saturday, September 6 from 6-9 PM.

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