Music at Washington Street

Arma Agharta///Ellen Foster///Deleuzer///James Coleman and Joshua Hahn

EVENT: October 10, 2014 from 8-10 PM

Arma Agharta
Arma Agharta is one of the most active sound performance artist and promoter of experimental and adventurous music in Lithuania. He has a versatile, distinct performing style which focuses on exploring the boundaries of sound and body, and his live shows mixes these two elements. Electroacoustic sound experiments are embroidered with noise, synth music and heavy usage of vocals, all that becomes a part of ritualistic, weird performance show, in which the artist embodies otherworldly creatures. Unpredictable madness together with meditative passages. Lo-fi aesthetics, drone mystique, outsider noise.

Since 2007, under different conceptual solo projects (Bruzgynai, Aram Anam) he did over 100 shows in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, UK, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic and Baltic states. Participated in the festivals Cocart (Poland), Sonic (Denmark), Sound Around (Russia), SOTU (Netherlands), Porin Juhlaviikot (Finland), and in all the main Lithuanian festivals: Speigas, Supynes, Menuo Juodaragis, STRcamp, Centras, Dezintegracija, Creature. His music has been released exclusively on cassettes on Russian and Lithuanian labels.

Currently Arma collaborates with a well known Lithuanian sound artist Arturas Bumsteinas aka Refusenik, previously he worked with Ramunas Jaras, Stefano Ferrian and Simone Quatrana (Italy), the band Laisva Struktura.

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Ellen Foster
Excellent violin and electronics from Troy NY.

The best band on the planet

James Coleman and Joshua Hahn
James is the OG of the Theramin. Joshua is reinventing the alto flute.

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