Music at Washington Street

Sult///Jesse Summers///Mem1

EVENT: November 21, 2014 from 8-10 PM


Sult is an acoustic noise trio with members from Oslo and Oakland. Their music reflects the noise genre's concern with layers of sonic texture, though completely performed on acoustic instruments. Individual sounds run precariously aside one another as independent streams, and alternately blur into a unified mass.

The trio has been working together since 2007, and has regularly toured Europe and America. Their third album, Svimmelhed, will be released in November 2014, and a following album in collaboration with Lasse Marhaug is in progress. In 2014 the trio began working with live cinema artist Greg Pope, and was commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo to compose a new collaborative piece, Skeleton, for the Soft City festival.

Members of the trio have collaborated with musicians such as Bill Orcutt, Fred Frith, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Okkyung Lee, Michel Doneda, and Gino Robair.

"They combine to create a scrap-heap collage of dry, brittle, abstract sounds, which they control with exquisite patience in slowly developing cycles of tension and release." -- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

videos of the trio from June 2014:
new album Svimmelhed:

Jesse Summers

JESSE SUMMERS is a Boston-based musician and sound artist working with location recordings and digital and analog processing. Situated amid precise electroacoustic fabrications, DIY sound collage, and artists expanding the use of sound, his work approaches listening as a multivalent, embodied practice. Starting with an attentiveness to how technology, the environment, and the human body are imbricated in ever-shifting ways, he treats sound as an incision into the cultural, historical, and geopolitical landscape. Through an uncanny interplay of urban, industrial, residential, and nocturnal sources, converging with a range of digital mutations, he renders elusive and alien landscapes through sound.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2003, Mem1 has traveled extensively, performing at Issue Project Room, Roulette, REDCAT / Disney Hall, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Electronic Church (Berlin), the Laptopia Festival (Tel-Aviv), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, and the Borealis Festival (Bergen). They have taken part in residencies at Harvestworks in New York, STEIM and Kunstenaarslogies in the Netherlands and USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway. In 2009, they created Visiting Hours, a site-specific installation for the Museums of Bat Yam (Israel); in Winter 2012, they travelled to London to create Visiting Hours II, a site-specific installation for the Sonic Arts gallery SoundFjord. Their piece Aphrosia (with video by Mark Cetilia) was screened at the Institute for Contemporary Art (London) as part of an evening of audiovisual works curated by Helen Frosi; collaborative works with media artists Liora Belford and Kadet Kuhne have been screened and installed at the Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen), the Sundance Film Festival, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco). Throughout their career, they have collaborated with a variety of musicians and sound artists including the Penderecki String Quartet, Steve Roden, Jan Jelinek, Frank Bretschneider, and Stephen Vitiello. Together, Mem1 curates the experimental music series Ctrl+Alt+Repeat and the record label Estuary Ltd.