Mary Staubitz 40th Birthday Bash

Matt Krefting///Bill Nace///Donna Parker///Andrea Pensado

EVENT: December 6, 2014 from 8-10 PM

Matt Krefting

Matt Krefting is a writer and musician living in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He formed the Son of Earth trio with Aaron Rosenblum and John Shaw in 2000, played bass in the slop-glam group The Believers, and performs with Idea Fire Company and Orchid Spangiafora. Most of his time is spent on his solo cassette music, which has been released by Open Mouth, Ultra Eczema, and Kye, among others.

Bill Nace

Bill Nace is an itinerant guitarist in the improv-minstrel mode. He is happy to work without a net in a variety of settings.-----Byron Coley

Donna Parker

Donna Parker's tightly focused electronics have oh who fucking cares just bring some booze and see some friends, I mean it's noise for chrissake what do you expect.

Andrea Pensado

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