2015-2079: The Mars Research Era

Presenting the lives and work of Cavallero and McCool

February 7, 2015 from 6-8 PM

February 7, 2015 to February 26, 2015 Saturdays from 12-4 PM

Artists Chris Cavallero and Tim McCool imagine alternate personas of themselves as the ultimate research team working at the forefront of extraterrestrial science. They fabricate personal and scientific history of the lives and work of the Cavallero-McCool Mars Research Team (CMMRT), and create and present small sculptures resembling Mars rock and soil samples, experiments, sketches, tools, and documents. Cavallero and McCool go one step further by curating the show as descendents of the Cavallero-McCool Mars Research Team. The artists, acting as descendants of their alternate personas, add informative panels, labels, photographs, personal effects, and writing to support the research material created by the CMMRT.

Cavallero and McCool do not go so far as to become scientist/researchers and historical exhibitors. The research revels in a type of sci-fi pseudo science, mimicking the appearance of experiments and language that might signify an advanced field of study. By doing so, Cavallero and McCool place emphasis on story, narrative, speculation, and imagination, in turn, celebrating the long history of exchange between creative fiction and practical science.

2015-2079: The Mars Research Era is a collection of research, objects, and experiments from the archives of the renowned Cavallero-McCool Mars Research Team (CMMRT). Buried underneath decades of dust and disorganization, the items in this collection have been restored and catalogued by the descendants of lead scientists Cavallero and McCool. The CMMRT Memorial Foundation, in collaboration with Washington Street Gallery, is proud to share with you the biggest discoveries of this century.

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